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the pearl of the atlantic

Stopover on the west coast of Morocco

Perfect balance between the bubbling city of Essaouira and the tranquility of the Berber village of Ida Ougourd, Villa Baboucha is an ideal place to explore Essaouira: the medina listed as a UNESCO heritage site since 2001 and its ramparts where you can admire its authentic port, the fish market, the return of fishermen on their blue boats, typical of Essaouira and the magical colors of the sunset over the city.

Villa Baboucha is located about fifteen minutes from water sports spots (kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing...) Not to mention the huge beaches and endless dunes as far as the eye can see where you can walk and relax. escape on horseback, buggy, quad, 4x4 or camels. The White City of Essaouira offers a large number of leisure or cultural activities close to nature and the sea (hiking, golf, Moroccan cooking lessons...) 


  • Medina of Essaouira 20 minutes away

  • Hotel Jardin des Douars 5 minutes away

  • Golf Sofitel 15 minutes away

  • Kite surfing and water sports 15 minutes away 

  • Quad at 15 minutes

  • Essaouira airport 12 minutes away 

  • Marrakech airport at 2h30-3h of straight roads

  • Agadir airport 3 hours away by winding roads

The durations indicated are estimated by car from Villa Baboucha.

avis baboucha-1-2.jpg

Morocco is a beautiful country, Baboucha pays it a perfect tribute. The dominant green marks the beautiful landscape. Don't forget the sublime massages! 


Very good stay. Lovely and helpful staff. Beautiful region to discover and redo. See you soon. 


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